Farewell, farewell sweet honey

Your creators gentle buzz echoes in my ears

Farewell, farewell pink blossoms

I now feel the sorrowful tears

Welcome thy sound of calm

Hear me, hear me for what I am 

I mean no harm

Welcome to our old friends

Russles, hoots and slithers

I may not look or glance or stare 

But my ears are open wide

Ready to listen for sounds in the air

To Autumn, I greet you with just a few words

To be seen, you must first be heard

Written By Maleeka



A World Without Eyes

Sun to Moon

Dark to Light

Imagine a World 

Lost Without Sight 

Nightmares to Dreams

Smiles to Cries

One has Sound

Who needs Eyes

Echoes to Whispers

Screams to Silence 

All is Heard

Within Blindness

Touch, Smell Listen Taste

These Hidden Powers 

Must Awake

North to South

Low To High 

One Closes their Eyes 

Now you can Fly

Love to Hate

Life to Death 

Can you feel

My every Breath

One has the Strength

Emitting the Light 

Close Your Eyes 

Imagine A World 

Without Sight 

Just Close Your Eyes

No More Lies 

Truth Is Revealed 

When you Feel.

Written by Maleeka