19/8/19 Berkshire Vision snd Wire Sculptures

I think you guys all know…I LOVE ART!

So when we found out about Berkshire Vision’s several sessions with The Jelly, (Reading art organisation) I was super excited.

Today, we worked withJulie on wire sculptures inspired by the Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti.

Like many sculpture artists, he created huge humanoid figures…however, his works were described to be eccentric and unearthly.

These statues would often have realistic poses but with VERY thin limbs and a flat head. Its a very unique art style!

In fact, His group kicked him out, believing Alberto’s creations were too crazy for the average human.

When I heard about this “insane art guy” I was immediately hooked.

Our first task was to think of different stances/ poses for our sculpture. We stood up snd pretty much just started to dance around the room, jumping, waving and and being emotional.

In the end, I chose the pose of someone waving with their left arm with their right curved to the side.

(Similar to a picture I took during a Lifestyle photoshoot) “but without the cane”



Our next job was to create the frame by bending wire.

We had a small wooden base in which we attached our frames of the head, torso and limbs. (Most of them parts were thin sticks).

We also had to cover the frame with aluminium foil so the clay would stick.

I chose to add an additional layer of masking tape to ensure proper sturdiness like a true artist.

This part took me a while…the foil kept unraveling.

Its not surprising though, I have a love-hate relationship with that stuff.

Please Note - Our parents were allowed to stay…meaning that my mum (Fizzy) came into contact with the art box! “Recipe for disaster AKA a masterpiece”

She decided to go retro and recreate the “Neo dodging a bullet pose” from The Matrix.

My dear old mummy really enjoyed herself!



The sticky stuff was a little fiddly to work with but it was definitely great fun.

I decided to not cover my sculpture frame as Fizzy had the brilliant idea of spray painting the frame to make it look modern.

So I just covered the wooden base and the wire supporting the frame.

I also got to keep some extra clay…which in typical Maleeka fashion, by wrapping it with foil, I turned it into a biscuit from the Foxes Family Collection.

In conclusion, I found today to be an extremely fun opportunity. Being able to create together as a group is so much more powerful than creating on your own.

And with the endless possibilities available with wire sculptures, I know ill be busy in the future…along with my Fizzy mum.

Oh, one last important thing, we now have two excellent masterpieces to display in the living room for Silver (my cat) to stare at!

PS. Heres my wire sculpture so far!

(Excuse its muddy feet LOL)